Female Corporate Speaker

Catherine Moolenschot is a vibrant, engaging female speaker who has given keynotes at Australian corporates including Insurance Australia Group (IAG), National Australia Bank (NAB), and the CEO Institute Group. Employers love engaging Catherine to inspire and motivate their staff to reach higher, be bolder, and realign with their why behind their work.

She speaks on Jim’s Book: Lessons from a Business Icon, The Effective Creative Process, and An Honest Look at Failure and Success.

Catherine wrote her first book at 13 and began her business straight after graduating from high school. At 24 she is the author of three books, her latest being a biography called Jim’s Book: The Surprising Story of Jim Penman, Australia’s Backyard Millionaire.

Motivational speaking has become a buzz word, but Catherine delivers a grounded, honest message in her keynotes. She shares what is possible for our lives, and what it truly takes to get there. She is a natural storyteller and uses her own personal experiences to show audiences that they are not alone, and to motivate them to take new actions that will produce new results in their lives. Catherine is a corporate speaker based in Melbourne and Sydney who entertains and inspires.

If you are looking for an inspirational speaker to energise your staff with insights from business icon Jim Penman, or to improve their creativity output with an effective creative process, or to be bolder thanks to an honest look at failure and success, contact us to book a speaking gig.

“Catherine has been an inspiration to me both personally and professionally. I was lucky enough to have Catherine present on her insights on the funnel of greatness at a time when we were looking at developing a culture of innovation within a very traditional organisation. She was the personification of the traits that we had been discussing and inspired all those who met her.
I would strongly recommend Catherine as a speaker for any age group as her communication style is extremely effective and engaging. I am happy to further discuss this with anyone looking for further information.”
– Helen Whitehead, Customer Experience Manager, IAG

“Catherine has an exceptional gift of public speaking like I’ve never seen. After having worked with over 100,000 entrepreneurs and professionals and sharing the stage with people like Sir Richard Branson, John Gray, T Harv Ecker, Bob Procotor… I recognise talent when I see it. Catherine is on the fast-track to changing a lot of lives.”
– Jeff Slayter

Do you need a youth speaker for your school or youth camp?

Catherine Moolenschot has inspired youth in schools and at youth camps around Australia, Europe and South Africa, uplifting them to see more possibilities for themselves and their future. She became sought after from her TEDx Talk Living Your Funnel of Greatness, in which she shares her own intense journey of deliberately choosing what was influencing her thinking, and how taking this approach radically help her dream bigger and live bolder. Since then Catherine has been asked to talk on An Honest Look at Failure and Success to teenagers, which she does with brutal honesty, sharing the pain and gifts of failure, and re-thinking success for each individual. Teenagers walk away inspired by Catherine’s energy, insight, and personal experiences.

If you are looking for a young, energetic, motivational speaker to move your students into more self-awareness, to improve their emotional intelligence and resilience, and to prepare them for life beyond year 12, contact us to book a speaking gig. Catherine is based in Melbourne and Sydney, but is available internationally.

“Catherine was captivating, inspiring and knew how to engage the audience. Many of the young people said that it was one of the most inspirational evenings they have been to. They felt they could relate with her as she was young yet had already achieved so much in her life. I can’t wait to have Catherine back again next year!”
– Samantha Ruckle

“Thank you sincerely for your great work with our year 10 cohort workshops. You demonstrated and modelled the positive approach that all of us can choose to take with our lives. I know you have impacted our students as many have commented to me how amazing you were in having such clear goals for your life and the courage and commitment/self-discipline to achieve them. Teachers observing your workshops were impressed that you had tremendous “presence” with students and your message of the “funnel of greatness” is something that every student can identify with and match to their own individual circumstances.”
– Diane Hicks, Principal, Sunnybank State High School

“Catherine Moolenschot is an exciting and inspirational young speaker. Catherine is able to relate to people of all ages: young boys and girls, teenagers, adults and older people. Her stories of her journey through life, writing two books and the pursuit of understanding of the concept of success make for an exhilarating experience.
I strongly recommend Catherine to any group looking for an inspirational and motivational speaker.”
– Lesley McCarthy, Principal of Flemington Primary School

Do you need an entrepreneurial speaker in Melbourne or Sydney?

Catherine has also been asked to speak at many entrepreneurial events, having started her own business after graduating from high school. She loves how business can be a vehicle for change and how it allows people to earn a living from their passion, and is brutally honest about what it really takes to turn a passion into full-time work.

“Her speech changed my life. At the time I was working long hours to build a business that I had no interest in running; however, part of me thought I had to wait until I was a success before doing what I really wanted. But seeing Catherine speak about how she’s building the business and life of her dreams at just 18 made me realise – why wait? Why not start going for my dreams now? Within two weeks of her speech I’d closed my old business, started a new one based on my passions and desires, and started writing my first transformational book! Thank you Catherine for showing me what’s possible.”
– Jacqueline Pretty, The Grammar Factory