About Catherine Moolenschot

I am the author of Jim’s Book, the biography of the founder of the iconic Jim’s franchise. I interviewed over one hundred people for the book – Jim’s friends, family, adversaries, staff, foes, franchisees, franchisors, divisionals – and pieced together the surprising story of Jim Penman and the Jim’s Group. The book reveals the story behind his tumultuous business journey, and how he became Australia’s accidental backyard millionaire.

I fell in love with reading at 8 and with writing at 10. When I was 11 my teachers noticed my creative writing ability and organised advanced English classes to mature my skills, which I absolutely loved. At 13 a school project prompted me to write my first book about a refugee’s journey from Africa to Australia, entitled A Rough Road.

I love how words capture and express stories, emotions, realisations, questions… and how reading those words can change us. There is also something magical about the process of writing a book and creating those experiences for others.

During Year 10 I lived in Holland for a year on a student exchange and learned a lot about myself and the world. Learning Dutch opened up ways of expressing myself that English hadn’t, and deepened my ability as a writer. I returned home with a wider perspective, and I wanted to learn more than school was teaching me, so during Year 11 and 12 I attended many personal and business development trainings, learning about entrepreneurship, marketing, communication, speaking, and self-mastery.

TEDx Speaker at 17

I often stood out at these trainings and was asked to speak at other events, leading me to give a TEDx talk at 17 on the topic of Living Your Funnel of Greatness. Alongside school and attending trainings, I also volunteered at youth camps in Australia and Bali to help empower other teenagers with the skills I was learning. And later I volunteered in South Africa helping disadvantaged communities.

After graduating from high school I gave talks at schools around Australia, meeting teenagers from all walks of life and hearing their stories. I was moved by their struggles, hopes and fears, and was inspired to write a novel to help them through some of the challenging questions they were facing; I am Megan was published in June 2018.

I have also spoken at universities and corporates, including Melbourne University, Monash University, Insurance Australia Group (IAG) and National Australia Bank (NAB).

Book Writing Mentor

Today I mentor CEOs and professionals through the process of writing their own books, which I love. It is special helping someone write their book, knowing it in turn will help hundreds to thousands of readers.

Professional Ghostwriter

A passionate writer, I also do ghostwriting for clients who are simply too busy to write their own books. I love hearing my client’s stories and learning from their expertise, and then weaving both into an engaging book that inspires readers.