About Catherine Moolenschot

I fell in love with reading at 8 and with writing at 10. I went on to write my first book at 13, and have been writing and editing since. I love how words capture and express stories, emotions, realisations, questions… and how reading those words can change us.

There’s something magical about the process of writing a book, I love mentoring clients through it.

When I was 15 I did a year long cultural exchange in Holland and learned a lot about myself and the world. Learning Dutch opened me up to ways of expressing myself that English hadn’t, and deepened my ability as a writer.

TEDx Speaker at 17

At 16 I entered the world of personal development, going to seminars, interviewing successful individuals, and living the Funnel of Greatness to the max (which I talk about in my first TEDx talk).

I spoke at TEDxMelbourne at 17 (when I was in Year 12, during my most stressful month of school!). That talk lead me to speak at TEDxYouth, as well as around Australia and internationally. I’ve spoken at startup events, schools, universities, and corporates.

Book Writing Mentor

Today I mentor CEOs and professionals through the process of writing their book in 6 months. I care about inspiring greatness in the world, and inspiring others to do the same, thus I only work with clients who are committed to putting in the time to write the best book they can. It’s special helping someone write their book, and then knowing that book will help hundreds to thousands of readers.

Professional Ghostwriter

A passionate writer, I also do ghostwriting for clients who are simply too busy to write their own book. I love hearing my client’s stories and learning from their expertise, and then weaving both into an engaging book that will inspire readers.