“Catherine is a bubbly, enthusiastic and motivating book coach to have! She gets you focused and to believe that you can achieve your dream of writing your book!”
– Simone Austin, Hawthorn Football Club Dietitian, President of Sports Dietitians Australia

Catherine’s Books

Catherine Moolenschot wrote her first book, A Rough Road, at 13 and has been writing ever since. A Rough Road is a novel about a refugee’s journey from Africa to Australia. Her next novel, I Am Megan, is about a teenage girl in her last year of high school facing the challenges of figuring out who she is, and who she isn’t. Catherine latest book, Jim’s Book, is the biography of Jim Penman, the founder of Jim’s Mowing (now the Jim’s Group).

Book Writing Mentor

Catherine is a professional book writing mentor based in Melbourne and Sydney. She helps CEOs and professionals write epic books in six months, teaching clients how to bring their content to life and make their book engaging with the power of great storytelling. Catherine is also a professional ghostwriter for her busier clients, read more about ghostwriting here.

Corporate Speaking

Since speaking at TEDx at 17 Catherine has spoken to audiences around Australia and internationally, inspiring them with her keynotes Jim’s Book: Lessons from a Business Icon, The Effective Creative Process, and An Honest Look at Failure and Success. She is based in Melbourne and Sydney.

Book Writing Coach

As well as being a public speaker Catherine has pursued her love of the written word in writing her own books, and helping professionals write their own. She is a professional book writing mentor based in Melbourne and Sydney, though she has clients around the world. It can be a daunting task to write a book, and clients love how Catherine demystifies the process, holds their hand every step of the way, teaches them how to write better, and makes the experience of writing their book empowering and exciting.

Catherine’s key difference as a book writing coach is her total focus on making the book the best it can be. Writing a truly great book adds value to the world, boosts the author’s career, and is an inspiring project to work on. Writing a slapped together book is not only uninspiring, it can damage the authors credibility and brand. Why write a book, unless you’re going to make it brilliant? Catherine only works with people who value excellence and want their book to be the absolute best it can be.

As well as being a book writing coach, Catherine also does ghostwriting for CEOs who are simply too busy to write their own books. Ghostwriting is when a client is interviewed for their content, which Catherine turns it into an engaging, insightful book. It is called ghostwriting because the client is named as the author, and Catherine is a ‘ghost’.

Engaging Keynote Speaker

Catherine Moolenschot is also an Australian keynote speaker. Having inspired the audience at TEDx Melbourne at 17 she has gone on to be a guest speaker at events in Melbourne and Sydney and around Australia, as well as internationally.

Companies like Insurance Australia Group (IAG) and National Australia Bank (NAB) have brought her in to inspire their employees to be bolder, reach higher, and realign with their why behind their work.

Catherine is an energetic, engaging, and honest female speaker on important topics regarding life, work, and how we can lead more meaningful lives. She captivates audiences at conferences and events through her ability as a storyteller, sharing her own mistakes and challenges with brutal authenticity.

Though inspiring, she delivers a down-to-earth message that leaves audience members thinking more deeply about themselves, their habits and behaviours, and the meaning in their lives and work.