Ghostwriter in Melbourne and Sydney

What Exactly is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is when you pay someone to write your book for you. It is for people who either don’t have the time, or don’t want to do the task of writing their book. Instead, you pay a professional book writer to turn your content and stories into an engaging, high class book your readers will love. Given my experience with book writing mentoring, my ghostwriting clients don’t need to have their book all figured out – I use my Book Writing Process to unpack your book with you to gain clarity on who the target reader is, what the book’s pillar message is, and from there I craft the book for you.

How Does Ghostwriting Work?

You keep all the copyright of the content – the book is yours. It’s your name on the front cover, I’m a ‘ghost’. I start by unpacking your book with you, and then doing a series of structured interviews to gather and record all of your content and stories. I then go away and turn your words into a book, ensuring your voice, tone, content, and messaging all sound as if you wrote it yourself.

Ghostwriting is a ‘done for you’ service; you give me the content, and I do the rest.

Who do I ghostwrite for?

I typically ghostwrite books for very busy CEOs and professionals.

The Ghostwriting Process

We begin with a free-of-charge discovery session to determine whether your book is a project I would like to take on, and whether I am who you would like to write your book.

If it’s a yes for us both, we book in our first session to unpack your book. From there I go away and compile a detailed list of questions regarding your content and personal experiences, and we schedule a series of interviews.

With the information I record from our interviews I go away and create the first rough draft of your book, which I present to you for feedback on. With your feedback I write the second draft of your book. Again, this is sent to for feedback, after which I take the manuscript through multiple stages of editing until it is perfect.

How Long Does It Take to Ghostwrite a Book?

Depending on the scope of your content it will take between six and twelve months to ghostwrite your book.

Do you need to be in Melbourne or Sydney to work with me?

Although I am a ghostwriter based in Melbourne and Sydney, I do work with clients around the world.

Is Ghostwriting Something You Want to Know More About?

If you are curious to find out more about my ghostwriting services, contact me here.